What We Do

Through a full range of services, we provide our clients with all of the tools necessary in overcoming anticipated, situational and chronic homelessness.

General Support

Our first priority is seeing to a client’s basic needs: shelter, food, clothing, bathing. We offer rapid rehousing services, emergency shelter, medical assistance and legal aid to help ensure all of those needs can be met.

Case Management

Our case managers are central to our goal of self-sufficiency. Once screened, our clients receive weekly meetings with their assigned case managers, who provide personalized help to match individual needs.Case managers provide crisis response, assessments and referrals. We meet the needs of our clients by:

  • Providing emergency shelter, both day and night
  • Offering clothing and basic needs
  • Assisting to obtain Oklahoma IDs and birth certificates
  • Referring to appropriate providers for psychiatric help
  • Navigating the wide range of housing resources
  • Eviction prevention, as well as rental and move-in assistance
  • Referring to the Tulsa Day Center Clinic

Tulsa Day Center Clinic

As health care costs rise, the struggle to access care is getting harder. And for many, poor health leads directly to eviction and homelessness. Our clinic is one of the few homeless charities in the nation to provide free health care and medication fulfillment.

General Health Education

To help our clients make positive decisions regarding their health, we provide them with information on a wide range of health care topics. We also have an array of specialty doctors who volunteer their time and resources. We were awarded the 2013 Dr. Rodney L. Huey Champion of Oklahoma Health award by the Blue Cross Blue Shield for this unique service.

Housing Opportunities

Our mission is to serve those experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless, we take housing seriously. So much so, that we built Hudson Villas, a 60-unit apartment complex. We also have other permanent supportive housing available.

  • Permanent supportive housing
    • 18 units dedicated for the chronically homeless at Hudson Villas
    • 17 units across two apartment complexes, scattered-site housing
  • Full-market rate units available
  • Section 8 accepted
  • Various units available throughout Tulsa

Hudson Villas

Constructed as a healthy environment to curb chronic homelessness, Hudson Villas was constructed as our permanent supportive housing program. It was financed in part by funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Administered by the City of Tulsa, the program provides a new home and a support system that encourages self-sufficiency.

The property includes a community garden, where residents can plant, care for and harvest food for the facility’s kitchen. The kitchen is run by graduates from the Women in Recovery Program and serves the residents three meals a day.

Clients at Hudson Villas have improved their health, overcome addiction, become community volunteers, returned to the workforce and avoided returning to homelessness.

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